Letter by Canadian-Palestinian societies to Messrs Abbas and Hanieh. Jan. 29, 9100


January 29th, 2007

President of Palestine National Authority Mahmoud Abbas

Prime Minister Ismael Hanieh

Palestinian community organizations and activists in Canada meeting to form a unified voice for the Palestinian community in Canada, call for an immediate cessation of the internal in-fighting in the Palestinian Territories.

Sadly this internal fighting has resulted in the death of tens of Palestinians, including children.


First and foremost hold the Israeli Apartheid state responsible for the situation in the Occupied Territories, due to its inhumane blockade on the democratically elected Palestinian government.

Secondly, political differences and disputes do not justify by any means armed conflict against fellow Palestinians now or in the future.

Thirdly, we call all Palestinian organizations, specifically Fatah and Hamas to immediately take the necessary steps and measures to avoid this kind of in-fighting.

Finally, we call upon you to resume the national dialogue which should result in forming a unified government, that includes Palestinians from all political stripes, prioritizing the national interests of the Palestinian people.

It is our hope that our leaders, in their negotiations with Israel will remain focused and determined to demand a complete termination of the illegal Israeli occupation of all territories occupied in 1967, without ceding any parts of these territories, and to uphold the vital Right of Return for the Palestinian refugees to their homes in accordance with UN Resolutions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Al-Awda-Toronto, Palestinian Right of Return Group

Association of Palestinian Arab Canadians, Capital Region

Canadian Arab Federation

Canadian Palestinian Association of London

Canadian Palestinian Foundation of Quebec

Canada Palestine Association Halifax

Canada Palestine Association Vancouver

Canada Palestine Cultural Association Edmonton

Medical Aid for Palestine, Montreal

Niagara Palestinian Association

Palestine House Cultural and Education Centre, Toronto

Palestinian Association of Hamilton

Palestinian Community Center Vancouver

Palestinian Gathering of Brantford

Resistance Art

Sumoud – Political Prisoners Solidarity Group

The Palestinian Community of Kitchener-Waterloo

Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, SPHR - University of Ottawa

Students for Palestinian Rights, SFPR - University of Waterloo

United Holy Land Fund