Voice of the People.                The Chronicle Herald.             July 31, 2007


Who’s the obstacle?              

In your July 27 editorial, "New hope in Middle East," you state, amongst a number of historical misrepresentations, that: "Hamas, however, remains an obstacle (to peace)". Perhaps it is worth reminding you that Hamas was elected to form a government only 18 months ago. Israel has been operating an oppressive illegal occupation of Palestinian territory for 40 years, in defiance of international law and repeated Security Council resolutions. Thus, pray tell, who is truly the obstacle to peace in the Middle East?

Interestingly, throughout your lengthy tirade, there is no mention at all of the occupation. Perhaps, it is relevant to remind you that the Palestinian people and authorities have, for decades, expressed recognition of the state of Israel and willingness to live in peace with Israelis and their only demand is that Israel should terminate completely its brutal and illegal occupation of their land and comply with international law and UN resolutions.

Finally, I believe that you owe it to your readers to present a balanced and less biased views of this conflict, which has a great impact on regional and international peace.

Ismail Zayid, MD, Halifax