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From: Ismail Zayid

To: Dion, Stephane

Cc: Regan.G@parl.gc.ca ; savage.m@parl.gc.ca

Sent: Monday, May 28, 2007 5:35 PM

Subject: Unbalanced statement.


Canada Palestine Association,

P.O.Box, 1085,

Halifax, NS. B3J 2X1


May 28, 2007


The Hon. Mr. Stephane Dion, MP.


Dear Mr. Dion:


Your statement, on May 25, related to the violence in Gaza, shows total lack of balance and complete bias. It simply overlooks the systematic Israeli practice of denying the Palestinian people their basic human rights.


You speak of security for Israeli citizens, but clearly show no consideration for the security and freedom for the Palestinian people. Security for Israelis will be assured if they would comply with international law and completely terminate their illegal occupation of Palestinian land that has been allowed to stand for forty tears, in defiance of international law and repeated Security Council resolutions. The Israeli practices, throughout this occupation, including extra-judicial assassination, detention of thousands without charge or trial, torture, daily humiliation, denial of health care and basic amenities, demolition of thousands of homes and expropriation of property for the creation of illegal Jewish settlements on stolen Palestinian land, are in violation of virtually every article of the Fourth Geneva Convention. These violations are defined, by international law, as war crimes.


It is shocking that you would continue to support these policies and war crimes, in the name of 'liberals' and the 'liberal Party'.


We call upon you, in the name of all Canadians, to uphold the UN Charter and international law and condemn Israeli war crimes and call for Israeli compliance with international law by terminating its illegal occupation of Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese land.


Yours sincerely,


Ismail Zayid, MD.

President, Canada Palestine Association.