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----- Original Message -----

From: Ismail Zayid

To: Globe & Mail

Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2008 8:35 AM

Subject: Biased editorial.

Jan. 22, 2008


The Editor,

The Globe & Mail.


Dear Editor:


Your editorial, {"Blame it on Hamas" Jan. 22} displays, again, extraordinary bias and distortion of facts. You blame everything on the ineffective Qassam rockets, but overlook the repeated Israeli bombing attacks and so-called 'incursions' that bring about continuing destruction and murder in Gaza. This week alone, 40 men, women and children were killed.


You quote Israeli foreign minister, Tzipi Livni, satating that " Israel is the only country in the world that supplies electricity to terror groups which in turn fire rockets at it." You both overlook the fact that Gaza is a large concentration camp under total siege and denied air, land and sea access to the rest of the world. This is a continuing manifestation of the illegal Israeli occupation that has been allowed to continue for over 40 years, despite the so-called 'disengagement' engineered two years ago.


I think your readers deserve a little more balance.




Ismail Zayid, MD.