Canada Palestine Association

B.O.Box 1085

Halifax, N.S

B3J 2X1

10 Feb. 2000

The Honourable Mr Lloyd Axworthy M.P.,

Minister of Foreign Affairs



Dear Mr. Axworthy:

The recent Israeli attacks on civilian targets in Lebanon, including the destruction of power stations and injuring scores of civilians, must be condemned in the strongest terms. These attacks are in violation of international law, the U.N. Charter and the 1996 April Understanding. The statement by Israelís Foreign Minister, David Levy, that " Israel will burn the soil of Lebanon" is another example of blatant aggression and arrogance that must not be tolerated by the international community and those who claim to care for international legitimacy.

It is to be remembered that Israel continues to maintain an illegal occupation of Lebanese territory, in defiance of repeated Security Council resolutions, including Resolution #425 of March 1978 which demanded an immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Israeli forces to the recognised international Lebanese boundary. Twenty two years later this resolution remains unimplemented.

The attacks of Lebanese resistance fighters against the Israeli occupying forces in South Lebanon are legitimate by international law and are the duty of occupied people against a foreign occupier, as legitimately practiced by European nations against the Nazi occupier.

The deafening silence of our government in relation to these attacks by Israel is unacceptable. We call on our Government to condemn these attacks and bring this to the attention of the Security Council.

Yours sincerely,

Ismail Zayid, M.D.

President, Canada Palestine Association