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Canada Palestine Association,

P.O.Box, 1085,

Halifax, N.S., B3J 2X1

June 29, 2009.

Ms. Margaret MacDiarmid.

B.C. Minister of Education.


Dear Ms. MacDiarmid:


We find your action, as reported, to delete the students' examination question related to the ethnic cleansing and catastrophe that befell the Palestinian people at the hands of the  Israeli authorities, unbelievable and outrageous.


The question states: “They have been fighting to regain a homeland since they were driven out in 1948. Some have lived their entire lives in refugee camps. Forty years later, Israel still refuses to recognize their right to exist as a nation.” Every word in this qustion is historically accurate and confirmed by scores of noted international and Israeli historians. The only observation about this statement is that it must have been written 21 years ago.


How long must Canadian students and youth remain subjected to this denial of knowledge and concern for human rights, by being subjected to this censorship and pressure by Zionist lobbies?  It is the duty of those responsible for education in our schools to encourage freedom of knowledge and expression, in the service of the claim we, as Canadians, make of upholding international law and universal human rights.


We call on you, as Minister of Education, to restore this exam question, in the service of academic freedom and integrity.

Yours sincerely,

Ismail Zayid, MD.

President, Canada Palestine Association.