Sent: Sunday, May 06, 2001 7:26 PM
Subject: Mr. Moskovitz and JNF

Mr. Jason Moskovitz.
May 6, 2001
Dear Mr. Moskovitz:
I understand you were invited by the Jewish National Fund [JNF] to speak at a Negev fundraising dinner in Vancouver.
I am deeply disappointed to hear of your acceptance, in support of this fund. The activities of this fund are complex and include a variety of actions that are criminal, inhuman and constitute war crimes.
I came to know first hand of the activities of this fund in a painful manner when I read an article in our local newspaper in Halifax, The Chronicle Herald. On December 4, 1978, there was a report in the paper titled : " Herschorn honoured by Jewish fund". The report went on to say that Peter Herschorn was honoured last night by the JNF at a Negev Testimonial Dinner, for his humanitarian work in the creation of "Canada Park" in an area between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. I was horrified to hear that in my new country, whose policy stands in opposition to the illegal occupation of Palestinian territory and in upholding international law and human rights, would tolerate such inhumanity. The infamy called Canada Park stands at the site of the villages of Imwas , Yalu and Beit Nuba[My own hometown]. These three villages were systematically dynamited and bulldozed by the Israeli army immediately after their occupation in the June 1967 war, on the direct otders of Yitzhak Rabin, the then chief of staff of Israel's army. Not a single shot was fired in these villages. This action is in direct violation of The Fourth Geneva Convention, to which both Canada and Israel are signatories. I was shocked to hear that people are honoured for such a war crime, and in Canada. My horror was compounded when I realised that, to my shame as a Canadian, this illegal action was funded by Canadian tax-deductible dollars, i.e my dollars and yours. To add to my distress,the dinner was attended by the Lieutenant Governor and Premier of Nova Scotia and Mayor of Halifax. I wrote to them and the Lieutenant Governor expressed sympathy , not knowing the story behind this park.
I have,since then, repeatedly written to Revenue Canada ministers objecting to the charitable status of this fund, to receive vague non-committal statements. Senator Heath Macquarrie and Mr. R. A. Corbett, M.P. wrote to the then Minister of External Affairs supporting my stand and calling for Canada's name not to be associated with this infamy.
You may be also interested to view a documentary by The CBC Fifth Estate program, broadcast on October 22 and 27, 1991, titled "Park with no Peace".
There have been a number of reports in British and Canadian press describing this international crime, and if you are interested I woul be happy to copy them to you.
It is my hope, Mr. Moscovitz, that you, as a man held in respect for integrity, will dissociate yourself from the JNF and its illegal role.
Yours sincerely
Ismail Zayid, MD.