From: Ismail Zayid
Subject: Canada's voting at UN.

Canada Palestine Association,
P.O.Box, 1085,
Halifax, NS, B3J 2X1
Dec.2, 2005
The Hon. Mr. Pierre Pettigrew,MP.
Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Dear Mr. Pettigrew:
We read with extreme surprise and disappointment the news, that "the Liberal government yesterday adopted a more pro-Israel stand in votes on UN resolutions condemning the Israeli occupation of Arab lands.", {"Ottawa set to reject anti-Israel resolutions" The Globe & Mail, Dec. 1}.
We have always been made to believe that our country upholds international law and the UN Charter. We are also sure that you know that Israel is in illegal occupation of Palestinian and Syrian land that has been allowed to stand for 38 years, in defiance of international law and repeated Security Council resolutions. We are also certain that you are aware that Israeli practices during this occupation have been in violation of international law and include, extra-judicial assassination, detention without charge or trial, torture, daily humiliation, denial of health care, demolition of thousands of homes, including entire towns and villages, including my own village,Beit Nuba, and expropriation of land for the creation of illegal settlements[colonies]. Israel is constructing an Apartheid wall, in defiance of the ruling of the International Court of Justice. All these acts are in violation of virtually every article of the Fourth Geneva Convention, and thus defined by international law as war crimes. These Israeli practices have been condemned by all international human rights bodies, including, the UN Human Rights Commission, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Israeli human rights groups, including B'Tselem and Israeli League for Human and Civil Rights.
Surely, taking all this into consideration, no country, that claims to have any respect for human rights and international law, can hesitate from condemning this brutal and oppresive illegal occupation and its criminal practices.
We also note from the above article in the Globe & Mail that ;" Prominent members of the Canadian Jewish community have directly lobbied Prime Minister Paul Martin to change Canada's tradition of abstaining..... " on those resolutions condemning this Israeli illegal occupation. So, are we to understand that our stand on international law and human rights is adjustable, to reflect lobbying pressures and electoral considerations?
As proud Canadians, who believe in Canada's acclaimed stand in support of international law, we call upon our government to uphold international law in its UN voting and condemn the illegal Israeli practices as they deserve, as well as any illegal practices committed by any nation or group.
Yours sincerely,
Ismail Zayid, MD.
President, Canada Palestine Association.