From: Ismail Zayid
To: Globe & Mail
Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2000 7:36 PM

Subject: Chretien's Middle East Trip

Canada Palestine Association
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Halifax, NS
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April 6, 2000


The Editor, The Globe & Mail

Dear Editor:

Re: "Chretien planning to tread carefully on Mideast trip". (April 6, 2000)

Mr. Chretien’s and his officials’ actions and words are the height of hypocrisy and double standards. We are told that "Mr. Chretien will visit Mr. Rabin’s grave and the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial (in Jerusalem). But in deference to Israeli concerns about the unresolved status of Jerusalem he will not set foot in the predominently eastern portion of the ancient city even though it is within walking distance of his hotel". We thought that our country prides itself on upholding international law and Security Council resolutions; in accordance with which, East Jerusalem is illegally occupied territory, and we do not recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

We are told: "The officials said Canada condemns acts of violence by individuals". Evidently, state terrorism is acceptable to our officials. Israeli massacres of the Lebanese, as in the Qana massacres, are of no concern to our officials. They are not also troubled by Israeli bombing of Lebanese cities and villages and their destruction of Lebanon’s power stations and infra structure.

"Mr. Chretien won’t be pointing any fingers at Hezbollah, the Lebanese-based group that has launched attacks on northern Israel",we are also told. First, let’s get the facts straight. Hezbollah is launching attacks not against northern Israel but against Israeli forces illegally occupying their land; a legitimate right for all peoples whose territory is under foreign occupation. To complement the hypocrisy, we are told: "The officials... declined to characterize Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, though that’s exactly what it is called by the CSIS".

Is there no limit to official hypocrisy?

Yours sincerely,


Ismail Zayid,

President, Canada Palestine Association