From: Ismail Zayid
To: Guardian Weekly
Sent: Friday, March 01, 2002 11:57 AM
Subject: " It's time for Sharon to go."
March 1, 2002
The Editor,
The Guardian weekly.
Dear Editor:
Your editorial: {"It's time for Sharon to go" Feb. 28} rightly calls for Sharon to go, and describes accurately his escalation of the brutality to which Palestinians under occupation are being subjected, in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention. The Israeli officers and soldiers, who are protesting against "the mindless immorality" they are called upon to execute in the occupied territories, are a gallant humane witness to these crimes.
However, what is not understandable is why you are stating that " Israel will have to surrender most of the lands it seized [emphasis added]." Surely, the call must be made for Israel to withdraw completely from all the illegally occupied territory of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights, in compliance with international law and repeated Security Council resolutions. The termination of this illegal occupation and securing the right of return for Palestinian refugees are the surest way to obtain full peace and security for Israelis, Palestinians and all the peoples in the area.
Yours Sincerely,
Ismail Zayid, M.D.