Letter to the Editor." Israel’s Little Napoleon",


20 July,1999


The Editor,

The Guardian Weekly,



Dear Editor,

David Horovitz,in "Israel’s Little Napoleon" [July 15], points out a somewhat optimistic picture for Ehud Barak’s programme for peace in the Middle East. Sadly, the euphoria,generated in Washington,the Middle East and elswhere,for Barak’s arrival,is unwarranted and misleading.

The various no’s,that he declared in his election campaign and since,are hardly a panacea for peace. These policies,though dressed in sweet words, are not different from Nathanyahu’s or the long-standing Zionist objectives for the total dispossession of the Palestinian people. He states that there will be no withdrawal to the 1967 border and no dismantlement of the illegal Jewish settlements,that control approximately 70% of the West Bank area,and that Jerusalem will remain the eternal united capital for Israel,and no return for the Palestinian refugees, all in violation of international law and repeated U.N. resolutions. He may be relying on Arafat’s gullibility to finalise his complete sell-out of Palestine and the Palestinian people.

Altogether, this so-called peace process will be nothing but a prescription for continuing strife in the Middle East.

Yours Sincerely

Ismail Zayid,M.D.