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20 May, 1999

The Editor,

The Globe and Mail

Dear Editor:

Re: "Israel's Democracy" {May 19, Letter}

It is heartening to see that someone,Scott Thurlow, does see through the propaganda and see Israel in its true colours, as an authentic apartheid state.

The myth about Israeli democracy was succinctly exposed by ,amogst others, Maxim Ghilan, a well-known Israeli journalist. He wrote: "Israel is a Western-type democracy for Jews only. Arabs,who are citizens of the State of Israel, are less fortunate. They are not given equal economic privileges....They are prevented from access to public housing and loans

given only to 'those who served in the IDF{Israeli army}and allied services,bodies to which most Arabs are not admitted. Arabs, in the territories conquered in 1967, have no rights whatsoever. Their children are shot,beaten up,jailed; their yong men assassinated. Foreign settlers

jeer at them, provoke them, squat in their homes and on their land. International law concerning the behaviour of conquerors in conquered land is openly flouted".

This is the real Israeli 'democracy' , apatheid style.

Yours sincerely

Ismail Zayid MD.