From: Ismail Zayid
To: Globe& Mail
Sent: Wednesday, August 25, 2004 12:22 PM
Subject: Sharon, a peace maker?!!

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25 Aug. 2004
The Editor,
The Globe & Mail
Dear Editor:
Re: Marcus Gee's article {"For Peace's sake, pray for Sharon" Aug. 25}
Marcus Gee's praise for Ariel Sharon defies credibility. His plan for the pull-out from Gaza is a charade. He is proposing to move the 7500 Jewish settlers, from illegally occupied and expropriated Palestinian land in the Gaza Strip, and yet maintaining direct control over Gaza's skies and access to the outside world. Furthermore, his proposal to move those settlers to expanded illegal settlements [colonies], in the West Bank, is hardly a step to promote peace.
It should be understood that the West Bank,including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip are under illegal occupation, that has been allowed to stand for 37 years in defiance of international law and repeated Security Council resolutions. All the settlements in the West Bank and Gaza are illegal and stand in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, and thus amount to war crimes, as defined by international law.
If Mr. Gee and Mr. Sharon are truly interested in peace in the Middle East, they should be calling for immediate complete termination of this illegal occupation and removal of all the settlements.
Yours sincerely,
Ismail Zayid, MD.