From: Ismail Zayid
To: Globe& Mail
Sent: Saturday, February 15, 2003 10:38 AM
Subject: Who are the ignorant dupes?

Feb. 15,2003
The Editor,
The Globe & Mail.
Dear Editor:
In her column :{"Saddam's willing dupes" Feb. 15}, Margaret Wente makes outrageous charges, calling Canadian people of peace in Iraq dupes, ignorant and idiots and Mr. Chretien a hypocrite and a member of the axis of weasels. If there is ignorance, it is on Ms. Wente's part. The people who are marchimg against the war in Iraq are people who care for humanity and the lives of thousands of innocent men women and children, who will be massacred in a war to satisfy the whims of Mr. Bush and, evidently, Ms. Wente.
Her statement that children are dying in Iraq's hospitals, because of Saddam's denying them the medical care they need, is false. This falsehood has been confirmed by UNICEF and UN humanitarian coordinators, Messrs Dennis Halliday and Hans Von-Sponick. The children in Iraq are dying because of the destruction of the infrastructure of Iraq and the depeted uranium inflicted on Iraqis in 1991, and the resulting cancer and congenital deformities, followed by the starvation and disease caused by the economic sanctions for 12 years.
It is time that our politicians, columnists and editorialists pay some heed to the human suffering of the innocent people of Iraq.
Yours sincerely
Ismail Zayid,MD.