From: Ismail Zayid
To: The Halifax Herald
Sent: Thursday, February 13, 2003 2:25 PM
Subject: Racial profiling : Racism with a thin 'legal' coating.
Feb. 13, 2003
The Editor,
The Halifax Herald
Dea Editor:
Bill Cox's opinion:{"Security objectives justify racial profiling" Feb. 13} is a prescription for naked racism with a thin 'legal' coating. He negates Section 15 of the Charter of Rights by stating : " Although terrorism is committed by people of all races, there is evidence that the immediate threats to Canadian security are posed almost exclusively by people of Arab/Muslim origin." He goes on to quote The Supreme Court, to justify his whitewash of The Charter : " distinctions made on the basis of informed, statistical generalities would not be discriminatory."  Would he care to provide us, from his statistical studies, with the number of terrorist attacks committed in Canada by people of Arab/Muslim origin? The most horrendous terrorist attack, in Canada, was the bombing of the Air India flight, killing 329 innocent passengers.
As to the U.S., the inexcusable terrorist horrid attack of 9/11was carried out by the Bin-Laden group. However, it had been preceded and followed by other terrorist and horrid attacks, against Americans, committed by people of non-Arab/Muslim origin. I do not recall any calls for the profiling of people of American/Christian origin after Timothy McVeigh's Oklahoma bombing. American diplomatic offices in Cairo and Alexandria were subjected to terrorist attacks when they were bombed by Israeli secret Mossad agents, in 1954.  A plot, by Earl Krugel, of Jewish Defense League, to bomb Culver City Mosque in California, threatening the lives of hundreds of Muslim worshippers, was uncovered last year, and for which he recently admitted guilt.
 Would Mr. Cox also justify racial profiling for people of American/Christian, Indian/Sikh and Israeli/Jewish origin?
It is time that we, in this society, call racism by its true name.
Yours sincerely,
Ismail Zayid,MD.
Yours sincer